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No one else will have me, only you

So last night was the TBS/JEW concert. It was awesome of course. I knew all the JEW songs except like 2 b/c they were off Clarity and I don't know that cd very well since I got it less then a week ago. Mark and I sat with Nicole, Anthony and Tasha during the opening band The Format then moved to our seats for TBS and JEW. We tried to call Anthony to see if they wanted to move by us since there were 3 seats but he didn't pick up his phone. I didn't know any TBS songs except the very last one and then of course I sang all the JEW songs. Mark just kept laughing at me b/c I knew all the words and he only knew 4 songs. Afterwords we ate at Waffle House then I took him home then went home and crashed around 2. Saturday is Prom!! Yay!! But they say its gonna rain :'( maybe it will pass and Saturday will be sunny. It looks like it won't hit us Saturday. Now I have to go watch the Veronica Mars I recorded last night.
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