strange and beautiful (b0red123) wrote,
strange and beautiful


Yay for going to the E.R. last at 12:30am and not getting out till 9:30am. They did a catscan, a EKG, took two viles of blood, 2 different for my heart the other on my legs then I have to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. Then tomorrow I have to go to a cardiologist and get more tests done. Yay for that. But Tasha and Hillary were the bestest friends and roommates in the whole wide world. Mom and Dad came up a little later seeing how I woke them up the middle of the night. And Mark could not come to the hospital since he was in Athens and I was in Riverdale but he came over today to stay the night with me and be a caring and loving boyfriend. I'll update more later after I find out what actually happened to me.
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