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Here is my update for the month....
School is about to end and I have really enjoyed it. I hope next semester goes well too. Lately I've been doing homework then going to work. I work at party city and then back at home with santa. I guess you can say I'm santa's elf but not. It pays so its good. Last night Ashley and Tori came over and I cooked them dinner and we played "Scene It!" Disney version. It was fun. I can't wait till tomorrow...before I went to class today, I was looking on ticketmaster to see who was coming to town and I checked to see where seats we at for the Frosty the Showman with Will Smith, Pussycat Dolls and The Backstreet Boys and we the screen came up it said "Sec2, Row B, seats 1&2, floor seating", I freaked and bought two tickets, one for me the other for Tasha. That means if one of the BSB members bends over I can touch them and freak out. My little girl dream will be fulfilled. I am so taking my camera. Okay, that is my update I think. Everything else is going good. Mark and I are wonderful :) Now maybe I'll either take a nap or gather my stuff for tomorrow.
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