strange and beautiful (b0red123) wrote,
strange and beautiful

Drama is the name of the game and Chris Cornell was hott

Damn....I love high school drama. Oh wait...this isn't high school anymore. Now why can't other people see it that way. I hate stupid people and the shit they try to start with friends. And if I have to I will go hardcore Mexican on their ass. Okay well last night was the shit and I really do mean it. I saw the man himself Chris Cornell. And if you don't know who he is then you are slow but he is the lead singer of Audioslave in whichc who we saw last night. He was awesome. And Mark and I had great seats. I'm so happy Mark liked the concert and the seats. I tried really hard. Okay I would write more but I need sleep b/c some people actually go to college and try to become something.
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