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Good times...somewhat

I haven't updated in almost a month so I might as well now. I'm just lazy and didn't feel like doing it. Well since the last time I updated I got a job at Party City. I actually like it believe it or not. I get paid $6.50 an hour but what else do you expect. Living here in Morrow has been well going...yeah pretty much going. Mark bought me a cookbook for the house. So now Tasha and I cook from it...the recipes are not that bad. Tasha and I have made some chicken marsala one night then Tasha made meatloaf one night while I was working. I can't remember what else we have made but by the time we get married we will be good housewives...we have the whole cooking and cleaning thing down. School isn't bad...I am enjoying it. Mark comes over every Sunday and I enjoy it very much seeing how that is the only day we can see each other since we have school and work. But I love him and I'm happy he drives all he way from Athens to see me. I can't really think of anything else to write well I can but I better not write it. Now I'll just keep watching tv and wait till Tasha gets back and see what she wants for dinner.
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