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#1 Boyfriend Survery

Created by tleelovesbnl and taken 1423 times on bzoink!

Vital Stats
Full NameMark Eliot German
Nicknamecowboy, pookie
Height/Weight5"8 i think or 5"9 and weight I have no clue
Where was he born?Decatur, Georgia
Where does he live now?Oxford, Georgia
How far away from you does he live?about 20 minutes
The Two of You
Where/How did you meet?Newton's S.S. aide lounge
How long have you been together?3 months
Where was your first kiss?in his truck
What/Where was your first date?the movies/sonic
How many brothers/sisters does he have? What are their names?1 Daniel
What are his mom's/dad's name?Suzette and Jerry
Do you like his family?yes
Has he met your family?yes
Do they like him?yes
Does he like them?yes
Favorite colorblue and green
Favorite songanything by audioslave
Favorite bandaudioslave, metallica, soad and rammstein
Favorite candy barI don't think he has one
Favorite ice creamummm he doesn't eat it very much
Favorite saying/phrasedoesn't really have one
Favorite movieboondock saints, full metal jacket and star wars
Favorite showanything on fuse
What does he like to do for fun?play video games and sleep
What do you guys do for fun?watch movies and swim
Do you have a lot in common?yes
Favorite Fruit/Vegetabledoesn't really eat fruit or vegetables
Least favorite fruit/vegetablelettace
Favorite foodmeatball sandwich
Least favorite foodbbq and chicken and dumplings
Complete each statement
When we're apart:i feel sad
He makes me feel:happy
I'm really hoping that:we will be together forever
The greatest gift he's given me is:ummm his love
The greatest gift I've given him:ummm my love?
Random Questions
Where does he want to go someday?Disney World!!
Does he make you laugh?yes
Does he make you smile?yes
Are you thinking of him right now?yes
Is he a good kisser?yes
Do you dream about him?yes
Does he dream about you?yes
Do you wish you could spend more time together?yes
Does he turn you on?*giggles*
Do you guys have a "song"?if you count the quiznos song then yes
What is it?"these quizno subs...they are good to us"
Is he a good dancer?somewhat
Do you have pet names for each other?yes
Have you celebrated a holiday together?not yet
Have you driven each other to the airport?nope
Have you taken a trip together?nope
Embarrassing Questions
Have you passed gas in front of him?of course
Has he passed gas in front of you?of course
Do either of you burp in front of each other?of course
Is it a big deal if you do?nope
Does he embarrass you sometimes?nope
Do you embarrass him?sometimes
Important Questions
Have you seen him cry?no
Has he seen you cry?yes
Have either of you said I love you?yes
How long ago?like 5 minutes ago
If you haven't said it, do you want to?see above
What's stopping you?nothing
Do you think you're going to marry him?yes
Do you think about marrying him?yes
Do you want to marry him?yes
How soon?in 5-7 years
Can you picture having kids with him?yes
What would they look like?a pretty girl and a cute little boy
Have you talked about marriage?yes
Lastly. . .
Is it love or lust?love
Does he make you happy?yes
Is he the greatest thing since sliced bread?yes besides quiznos
Do you think you will stay together?yes
Are you seeing him tonight?already have

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