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Prom 2005

So of course last night was Prom. It was fun...the way they set it up was pretty lame. That could have been much better! We all met at the square at 4:30 to take pictures. Chris, Abie, Tasha, Kevin, Hillary, Craig and Mark were already got there b/c I was a little late. Around 5 Danielle and Sean pull up but I forgive them for running late b/c D looked so beautiful. After 50 million pictures we left for Athens. We ate at a place called Speak Easy the food was good but it was confusing how they did it. Good idea but not when you have 10 people and the waitress just gives you the menu. After dinner it was off to prom which was fun. I enjoyed it very much. Mark wasn't sure if he could dance but after awhile white boy danced. He even "got low" actually all the way to the floor. I'm proud of But we were definitly not as bad as some people there. Everybody looked beautiful. Tasha looked a-ma-zing. Hillary looked stuning. Abie looked hott in her red. D looked so beautiful. So in conclusion all the girls were beautiful and the guys were hott. After prom we went to waffle house. Mark and I had to sit on the other side of WH b/c only two tables were open and the rest of them took them before we could. Tasha, Kevin, Hillary and Craig went back to Hillarys house. D, Sean, Mark and I waited on Chris's mom so she could take him and Abie home. When they were picked up we headed to D's house and droped them off. Mark and I came back here and passed out but I woke up at effing 11am and went to bed at 6am. Woke up took Mark home so he could clean up then he came back over and we went and ate Tokyo Express then headed to the mall and looked around Borders. Came back to my house fixed up my room with all my new stuff then watched a little tv. Then he left around 10 and now an hour later i'm still watching tv. I have no life sometimes. Oh well.
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